Viewing Stripe payouts

If you have connected Accounting to Stripe, you will receive payouts (deposits) to your bank account from Stripe for the available funds you have received from customer payments. Your first payout will occur 7-10 days after you receive your first payment and then subsequent payouts will occur according to your account's payout schedule. To ensure traceability, you must allow the automated payout process to run as scheduled. Do not manually process any payouts from the Stripe Dashboard.


Your payout amount will be less any refunds issued to your customers.

To view your Stripe payouts

  1. Go to Banking and then click the Stripe account.
  2. Click the Payouts tab, where:
    • The next payout amount shows next to your Stripe account balance at the top of the page.
    • You can see the scheduled arrival date (or the date paid if the status is Paid Out) of each payout in the Arrival Date column.
    • Upcoming payouts are listed as In Transit and completed payouts are listed as Paid Out in the Status column.
    • The gross payout amount shows in the Received column.
    • The total for refunds and disputes included in the payout shows in the Refunds/Disputes column.
    • The net payout amount shows in the Payout Total column. A warning message displays next to the amount if it includes transactions that occurred outside of Accounting or manual payouts. The total amount of unrecorded transactions will also display as Transactions from another source at the bottom of the list of payouts.

    While a cumulative total of transactions from other sources is indicated as part of your payouts, we recommend having a Stripe account that is for use only with Accounting. Stripe allows you to have multiple accounts under one login.See this Stripe article for more information.

  3. Click a payout to view the included transactions. You can also click the Activity tab to view the transactions. If the payout is completed, the transactions within it will show as Transferred.
  4. Optionally, you can click View Stripe Dashboard in the upper right-hand corner at any time to view the payout in Stripe.

Viewing payouts in your bank account

After Stripe has processed a payout, you can see the transaction in the bank account you designated for payouts when creating your Stripe account.

To view payout transactions

  1. Go to Banking, and then click on the bank account you chose for payouts.
  2. Click the Activity tab.
  3. Stripe payouts show as the type, Transfer: Stripe in the Type column. The Stripe reference number shows in the References column. You can use the number to match the transaction to the payout on the Stripe Dashboard.