What's New

Sage is pleased to announce the following new features and updates.


Improvements and fixes

  • You can now transfer funds between two Cash bank accounts.

  • The report headings on the Trail Balance report are now included on all pages when you print to PDF.

  • The report headings on the Aged Debtors and Aged Creditors reports are now included on all pages when you print to PDF.


  • Accounting now gives you the option to create invoices for any missed recurrences after you resolve an “Action Required” recurring invoice.
  • Names and references are now included on all pages of customer and supplier statement PDFs.

  • If you need to reset your data, any recurring invoices you have are automatically paused.

  • Invoices with a balance of zero no longer display as overdue.
  • You can now view (but not edit) completed recurring sales invoices.

  • Accounting now prevents you from voiding reconciled checks.


New feature - Recurring sales invoices

Do you regularly enter the same invoices? For example, customers to whom you regularly sell the same products or services your business regularly sells. End the drudgery of manual entry, save time, and reduce errors by setting up recurring invoices.

You can set a new invoice as recurring or update an existing invoice to reoccur. Create (or edit) a sales invoice as you normally would and then mark it as recurring to choose the repetition frequency. You can then pause the recurrence as needed or copy the recurring invoice to use it as a template when creating another recurring invoice.

See About recurring sales invoices for more information.


Eliminate the need to manually input your data. AutoEntry is a cloud-based application where you capture your invoices, expenses, receipts, and statements and then upload them to Accounting.

See Set up AutoEntry to get started.

Update for partially recoverable ITCs/ITRs

The Receipts and Payments Day Book report

The Receipts and Payments Day Book report now indicates tax amounts that include partially recoverable ITCs/ITRs. You can use this report to help ensure that your transactions are entered correctly and to reconcile your tax returns.

Expense transactions

All expense transactions have now been updated to allow for, or to ensure correct accounting of partially recoverable taxes. This includes:

  • Vendor Bills
  • Vendor Credit Notes
  • Other Payments
  • Expense Other Receipts
  • Quick Entry Vendor Bills
  • Quick Entry Vendor Credit Notes
  • Import of Expense Quick Entry bills or credit notes (that include a ledger account configured for partially reclaimable tax)

Improvements and fixes

Sales and purchase invoices are now calculated the same when GST/QST taxes are included for contacts in Quebec.


Improvements and fixes

The following improvements and fixes were made in January.


  • Paid VAT returns no longer display as part paid.