Accounting Dates and VAT

Before you start entering transactions you should enter your accounting dates and VAT settings. This ensures that your VAT Return calculates correctly and your financial year is right.

  1. Go to More, then click Settings then click Accounting Dates & VAT.
  2. Check or enter the following information:
Year End Date Enter the last day of your financial year. For example, if your financial year runs from January to December, enter 31 December.
Year End Lockdown If you don’t want anyone to enter transactions on or before a certain date, enter the date here. For example, the last day of your previous financial year.
Accounts Start Date Enter the date you want to start from.

Any opening balances must be dated before this date. For example, if you start using Sage on 1 April, enter this as your Start Date. Opening Balances must then have a date of 31 March or earlier. Once you start processing any other transactions you enter must have a date on or after 1 April.
VAT Scheme

If you haven’t already entered your VAT scheme, click the relevant option.

If your company isn’t VAT registered, choose Not Registered. If you need to change your VAT scheme, see our

Submission Frequency Click how often you submit your VAT Return to Revenue.
VAT Number Enter your registered VAT number.
VAT rules for sales to EU consumers Choose whether to apply destination VAT rules to EU consumers.
  1. Click Save.

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