Review your employee's pay

You can easily review an individual employee’s pay values throughout the tax year.

Use the steps below to generate a detailed breakdown of pay and deductions for each pay run.

  1. Select the Year End tab.
  2. On the Tax year to report on list, select 2021.
  3. Select Review Employee Pay.
  4. Check each employee’s total and net pay to date values for the year are correct.
  5. To view a detailed breakdown of an employee’s pay for the tax year, select View details.
  6. To view your employee’s payslip for a particular pay run, select Payslip.
  7. Once you’ve checked the values, select Return to Employee List.
  8. Repeat steps 4 to 6 for each employee you want to check the details for.
  9. Click Return to Year End then select the Employee Pay has been reviewed check box.

The export option can be found inside the year end window.

You’ve successfully checked your employees’ values are correct.

Export your Employee Detail Summary from SBC Payroll

Export the Employee Detail Summary from SBC Payroll as a PDF file and provide them to your employees. They can compare the values against the EDS (Employment Detail Summary) issued by the Revenue on 16th January.

The EDS is issued by Revenue to replace the P60.

Employees can view and print their EDS on the Revenue website.
To login to the revenue open the myAccount website (opens in a new tab).

Employees' who are unable to use this service will need to contact Revenue to request a paper version.

For more information about the year end process you can read our payroll year end guide (opens in a new tab).