Revenue Online Service (ROS) - How to save your digital certificate

Revenue Online Service (ROS) can be used by self-employed individuals, businesses, tax practitioners and other entities. If you are a PAYE employee only, you should use the myAccount service instead.

There are three steps to becoming a ROS customer:

You will not be able to access ROS until you download your digital certificate.

It’s important that you keep your ROS digital certificate in a safe and secure location. For more information about how to save your ROS digital certificate from the Revenue website, please refer to the following Revenue help article or watch their video below.

Renew your ROS digital certificate

You must renew your ROS digital certificate from time to time for security reasons. For more information, please visit the Revenue guide on renewing your ROS digital certificate

The next step is to register your Sage service to ROS so that you can make online submissions.