Create and manage payments

To ensure you pay your employees correctly, you need to set up payments. There are a number of payment types available for you to choose from. You can set up the payments you need to use, edit them or delete them in Payroll.

You can’t delete payments in Payroll. If you don’t want to use a payment in the current pay run, you can remove it when you’re processing an employee’s pay details. To do this, simply click the delete button next to the relevant payment.

Payment types available

Payroll supports a number of different payment types, organised into categories.

When you create a new payment, you base it on one of these payment types. This determines whether the payment is subject to tax (PAYE), pay related social insurance (PRSI) and universal social charge (USC).

Payment Category Payment Type Subject to PAYE? Subject to PRSI Subject to USC?
Hourly Payments Basic Hours Yes Yes Yes
  Overtime Hours Yes Yes Yes
  Other Hourly Pay Yes Yes Yes
Salary Salary Yes Yes Yes
  Bonus Yes Yes Yes
  Commission Yes Yes Yes
  Other Salary Payment Yes Yes Yes
Holiday Pay Advance Holiday Pay Yes Yes Yes
Expenses Business Expenses No No No
  Other Expenses No No No
Benefit-in-Kind Company Car Yes Yes Yes
  Medical Insurance Yes Yes Yes
  Staff Housing Yes Yes Yes
  Other BIK Yes Yes Yes
Illness Benefit Illness Benefit Cheque Yes No No
  Notional Illness Benefit Yes No No
Redundancy Redundancy (Tax) Yes Yes Yes
  Redundancy (Non-Tax) No Yes (at Class M) No

To create a new payment

  1. Select Settings, then select Payment & Deduction Settings.
  2. Select Payments, then select Create New Payment.
  3. Enter the details of the new payment, then select Save.

You can return to this screen to edit your details by selecting the deduction from the list, then select Edit.

The following options are available:

Item Description
Payment Category

* Hourly Payments
* Salary
* Holiday Pay
* Expenses

* Benefit-in-Kind

* Illness Benefit

* Redundancy

Payment Type Choose the relevant payment type.
Name The name of the payment. This appears on payslips. You can accept the default name or enter your own.
Description Text to explain the purpose of the payment. You can accept the default description or enter your own.

The payment now appears in the payments list in the Payments tab. If you created the payment while processing pay, the new payment is applied to the employee’s pay.