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26 August 2020

Feature Summary
Hide clients on the client list

Got a long client list making it harder to find the clients you're actively working with?

From today you can hide clients from the client list. This doesn't affect the subscription status of these clients at all and they can still act as normal clients in your software.

Start by selecting clients in your client list then selecting the Show/Hide option.

Screenshot highlighting the Hide option on the client list

Once clients are hidden from the list, use the Filters option to see them again (and unhide them when you're ready to see them back in the client list).

Screenshot highlighting the filters option on the client list

Export clients

When exporting the client list to a spreadsheet, we now include a column for the assigned users. You might use this in your reporting or when compiling billing information.

18 February 2020

Feature Summary

AutoEntry is an intelligent, cloud-based solution which eliminates data entry, so you never have to spend time manually entering invoices or receipts again. Create transactions directly in your Accounting software from scanned and photographed paper documents.

Flexible document capture: Automate the capture of data from scanned and photographed images of bank and credit card statements, bills, invoices, expenses, receipts and more.

Seamless partner integration: AutoEntry captures full line items, including description, unit price and quantity for each line.

Secure platform: AutoEntry employs the best security policies including encryption across the platform, keeping your client's data, and your own, secure at all times.

Learn more at What is AutoEntry? and Set up AutoEntry.

6 February 2020

Feature Summary

Agent authorisation invites

To view your client's historical VAT information (payments and liabilities) your client needs to authorise you with HMRC.

After you've sent an authorisation invite to a client, if you change the VAT number for that client, we'll cancel the invitation. You'll be able to send another authorisation invite after saving the new VAT number.

Agent authorisation invites

When sending an authorisation invite to a client, we've made a BCC field available. A typical use for this might be to send a blind copy of the invitation to yourself for your own records without notifying your client.

Improved error messages

Sometimes, errors occur when connecting to third party services such as those provided by HMRC. We've reviewed several errors that can occur due to technical issues with these connections to give you better advice should you see them.

18 December 2019

Feature Summary
Agent Authorisation

To view your client's historical VAT information (payments and liabilities) your client needs to authorise you with HMRC.

We added a VAT Authorised? column to the client list in October but we've now introduced a way to request that your client authorise you from within Partner Edition.

See Request agent authorisation for more information.

8 November 2019

Feature Summary
New Accountant Tiers for Sage Business Cloud Accounting

Sage Business Cloud Accounting has a range of options for you to choose from, based on how you want to work with your clients. We’ve introduced two additional subscription options designed for you, the trusted Accountant or Bookkeeper. All levels work perfectly to help automate your practice.

New! Accountant Edition options

Accounting - Ledger Gain full access to the power of Accounting on behalf of your clients (your clients have no access). Ideal for your ‘Do it For Me’ clients.
Accounting - Bureau Retain control with full access to Accounting, whilst giving your clients restricted access. Designed for your ‘Do it For Me’ & ‘Do it With Me’ clients, you can delegate responsibility of day to day transaction entry for greater collaboration.

Business Edition options

Accounting Start Entry level accounting software ideal for sole traders and micro businesses. Allows limited collaboration between you and your clients.
Accounting A powerful cloud accounting solution with invoicing and cash flow management. Allows full collaboration between you and your clients.

See Activating Ledger and Bureau Subscriptions for more information.

17 October 2019

Feature Summary
Agent Authorisation

To view your client's historical VAT information (payments and liabilities) your client needs to authorise you with HMRC.

We've made several changes to help:

  • In the client list, we've added a new column, VAT Authorised?. You'll see at a glance whether your client has authorised you to view their historical VAT information.
  • To see more detail, hover your mouse pointer over the icons in the VAT Authorised? column.
  • Select a client to open the client sidebar. From there, you can see whether you've been authorised. If a status is unknown, or if your client has only just registered for Making Tax Digital for VAT (and you've added them to your Agent Services Account at the HMRC website) select Check Status to refresh the status in the client list.
  • When you select Check Status, VAT Centre attempts to retrieve your client's VAT obligation periods. If successful, the status changes to Authorised. If there are any issues, the status will change accordingly and you'll see guidance to help you move to the authorised status.

See Request agent authorisation for more information.

17 September 2019

Feature Summary

Authentication lets you securely exchange client information with HMRC. We've updated the messaging around this so you'll see the time and date the authentication expires.

See Authenticate your practice for more information.

19 August 2019

Feature Summary

We've added a new column to the VAT Returns table in VAT Centre.

Due On shows the date the VAT Return submission is due. You'll also see Due On as a label when you select a submitted return to see the 9 box values.

Screenshot of VAT Returns table showing Due On

16 August 2019

Feature Summary

Authenticating your practice lets you securely exchange client information with HMRC. When using VAT Centre, you’ll be prompted to authenticate if you haven’t already done so.

To do this you’ll need:

  • Your Agent Services Account details.
  • The mobile or other device you receive access codes from HMRC on.

Additionally, you may need to confirm your identity by answering some security questions on, for example, your passport, P60 or other document. We’ve updated the messaging within VAT Centre to this effect.

31 July 2019

Feature Summary
Making Tax Digital

Sage Partner Edition is ready to support you with Making Tax Digital.

Learn about Making Tax Digital in Sage Partner Edition

Single authentication

To avoid the need to log into HMRC each time you view your client's VAT information, we've added the ability to authenticate your practice.

Learn about authenticating your practice


View HMRC API information no longer available through the Agent Services Account:

  • Payment information
  • Outstanding liabilities
  • Historic and in-progress VAT submissions
  • Open obligation periods

Learn more about viewing historical VAT information