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Restart your Sage service

In certain circumstances, you may need to restart your Sage service.

The Reset Data option clears all the information you’ve entered so far, allowing you to start again but keep your user, business and billing information.

You may need to restart your Sage service if you’ve:

  • Created a blank payroll company instead of choosing mid-year setup.
  • Processed your accounts or payroll incorrectly and want to start again.
  • Entered dummy information and now want to enter live data.
  • Processed your accounts using the wrong VAT scheme and now need to re-enter information using the correct VAT scheme.
Only the business owner can reset or restore data. The owner is the person who originally signed up and has access to all areas of the service.

Before resetting your data

We recommend that you print any reports or make a note of any information you need. For example, customer and supplier details, VAT numbers, or employee details.

If you use the bank feeds feature, you must disconnect all bank feeds first and then recreate any rules you have set up once you’ve restarted the service.

Reset your data

  1. Go toSettings, then Data Management.
  2. Select Reset my Data.
  3. Enter the email address you use to sign into your Sage service, then select Delete Data.

If you have Sage Pay integrated

If you've set up Sage Pay integration, after resetting your data, you need to re-enter your Sage pay credentials.

  • If you issued any invoices with the Pay Now button prior to resetting your data, your customers can still pay you through Sage Pay. However, the payments for these invoices aren’t automatically processed and you need to manually record them once they appear in your Sage Pay account.
  • If you have Sage Pay eCommerce account, any eCommerce transactions downloaded prior to resetting your data no longer appear, although these transactions still appear in your Sage Pay account.

Restore your data after a reset

You can restore your data if you reset it in error, or need to check a piece of information before you reset again.

Restoring data returns your data to the point immediately prior to the last time you reset it. Any information you entered since then is cleared.
  1. Go to Settings, then Data Management.
  2. Select Restore my Data.
  3. Enter the email address you use to sign in, then select Restore Data.

No option to restore data

You can’t restore data from another Sage service after you upgrade to a new service.

For example:

  • You can’t restore data that you reset in Accounting Start into Accounting after upgrading.
  • If you upgrade your payroll from five to ten employees, you can’t restore data from Payroll 5 into Payroll 10.

Although you can’t restore from a previous service, you can still reset your new service and start again.

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