Customer Statement Run

To generate statements for all customers in one batch, use the Statement Run option.


When run as a batch, the customer statements will show only outstanding items, regardless of the setting in the Customer Statement Type field within the Record and Transaction settings.

By default, a PDF file of the statements is generated that you can then print out and post to customers.

To email statements, change the Statement Run option on the Options tab of the relevant customer records.
To change the contact name and address that appears on the statements, edit this on the customer record.

To use the Statement Run option, complete the following steps:

  1. Go to Contacts, then click Customers.
  2. Click Statement Run.
  3. In the Outstanding amount over box, enter the relevant value.
  4. In the Produce statement as of box, enter the date you want to run the statements for.

Any invoices paid after this date will be included on the customer statements.

  1. Click Next, then complete one of the following options:
  • If there are customers that meet the criteria you entered – Click Generate.
  • If there aren’t any customers that meet the criteria you entered – Either click Back and complete steps 3 to 5 again or close the window.
  1. Once you click Generate, statements are created as PDFs to print and post, or emailed to customers directly, depending on how this is set in each customer record.

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