Products and services list

Create and manage your products, service and stock items from the products and services list.

From the list, you'll see an overview of items including: 

  • Product code, description, stock category, rates for services, cost and sales prices.
  • Accounting Plus also features Quantity in stock and Reorder level.

Create products and services

How to create records for your products and services

Create new products, services or stock items

Import products, services and stock items from a CSV

Create categories to group similar items together

Manage products and services

How to update existing products and services

Edit products, services and stock

Products and services settings

Make products or services inactive

How to convert a non-stock item into a stock item, or vice versa

Manage stock items

More information about managing stock items, if you subscribe to Accounting Plus.

Managing your stock

View and adjust stock levels

Calculate opening and closing stock levels

Report on your stock movements