View recurring sales invoices

Go to Sales, select Sales invoices, then select the Recurring Invoices tab.

Recurring invoices are shown on the recurring invoices list. The invoices created from the recurring invoice as shown on the normal invoice list.

Check your recurring invoice list to

Stop sending invoices temporarily

You may want to temporarily suspend sending out invoices for one or more periods. This could be when you've not provided a service during a period such summer holidays.

To do this, Pause the recurring invoice. While the recurring invoice is paused, no more invoices are created and the Next Invoice date is removed.

When you're ready to send again, select Resume. Invoices will start to be created from the next time they're due. This is shown in the Next Invoice date.

  • Any invoices missed while on pause are not created. So for daily invoices paused on Monday and resumed on a Thursday, invoices for the missing days, Tuesday or Wednesday are not created.
  • If when you resume, the next invoice is due today, it will be created immediately.

Pause a recurring invoice

  1. Open the Recurring invoices list,
  2. Select Pause from Actions column.

Resume a recurring invoice

  1. Open the Recurring invoices list,
  2. Select Resume from Actions column.

Cancel or delete a recurring invoice

You may need to cancel a recurring invoice before it's completed, when customer cancels their order for example.

You can

  • Pause the recurring invoice, in case you need to set it up again.
  • Change the Ending date, so no more invoices are created. The recurring invoice shows as Finished on the Recurring Invoices list so you can copy to a new one if required.
  • Delete the recurring invoice. This prevents any more invoices being created and removes it from the Recurring Invoices list.

Delete a recurring invoice

To make the list easier to manage, you can delete any completed recurring invoices that you don't want to use again and don't need to keep a record of.

  1. Open the Recurring Invoices list,
  2. Select Delete from Actions column.

Copy a recurring invoice

You can create a new recurring invoice by copying an existing one. Use this to

  • Set up another one with very similar details
  • Re-start a finished recurring invoice

A recurring invoice is finished once it's past it's completion date or the required number of invoices has been generated.

It's useful to copy a recurring invoice if

  • You have an order from a different customer for the same service.
  • The customer had re-ordered the same product or service after the previous recurrence has finished.

Copy a recurring invoice

  1. Open the Recurring invoices list,
  2. Select Copy from the Actions column.

  3. Make the required changes to the recurring invoice, such as changing the Starting or Ending Date or adjusting the Frequency.

    Don't forget, if the recurring invoice you've copied has finished, you must change the Ending.

Action required

We will automatically pause invoices if you make changes that affect the recurring invoice and we need to you check them before the next invoice is produced.

This will show as Action Required next to the relevant recurring invoices on the Recurring invoice tab.

What's changed We need you to
Your business becomes VAT registered Select the correct VAT rates for each line
Your business stops being VAT registered Check that the prices are correct
Change the VAT status of customer by amending the country or VAT registration number of an EU contact Review the tax rates used as the VAT may or may not now need to be applied