Edit or delete a bank transfer

If you’ve transferred money between bank accounts in error or with incorrect details, you can edit or delete this if needed.


To help you find the bank transfer, filter the bank activity by transaction type and date.

  1. Select Filters.
  2. From the Type list, select Bank Transfer.
  3. Amend the From and To dates if required.

Edit a bank transfer

  1. From Banking, open either of the bank accounts used for the transfer.
  2. From the Activity tab, open the bank transfer you want to edit.

  1. Amend the bank transfer details as required, and Save.

Delete a bank transfer

The bank transfer is deleted, both bank accounts and the bank balances are adjusted accordingly.

  1. From Banking, select the account used for the transfer.
  2. Locate the relevant bank transfer in the list of Activity.

  3. Select the check box next to the bank transfer you want to delete, and choose the delete button .

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