Other payments and expenses

This explains how to record a payment that is not used to pay a supplier invoice. This could be for general expenses or a cash purchase where you did no receive an invoice.

How this works

  • Only use this for money you've paid out that is not being used to pay a purchase invoice.

  • You cannot use an Other payment to pay a purchase invoice at a later date.

  • If this money will be used to pay a supplier invoice use the Supplier Payment option. Use this even if you haven't received the invoice yet.

  • Only use this for a supplier when the supplier is not going to send you an invoice. You paid cash or at the point of purchase for example.

Enter an other payment

  1. From Banking, then open the correct bank account.
  2. Select New Entry, then Purchase / Payment.
  3. Select the Other Payment tab. Enter the bank account, payment method, date and amount of the payment.
  4. If required, enter a supplier and a reference
  5. Enter the remaining details.

    • Change to a different ledger account if required. This is used to categorise what the money is for.

    • Choose the correct VAT Rate for each item. The VAT calculates from the VAT rate you select.

    • The Total defaults to the value you entered in Amount Received. If required, you can change this.

  6. If you have bought several items, enter these on separate lines

    • The total for all lines must match the amount in Amount Received before you can save.

    • If you only know the gross value of an single item, tab to the Total and enter the gross amount. Tab again or press Enter. We update the Net and VAT amounts for you.

    • If you enter more than one line, it shows on the bank account as a single payment. It shows as individual amounts on the ledger accounts.

  1. Select Save, or to add another payment, select Add Another from the Save drop-down list and repeat the process if required.

Recurring payments

If this is a regular payment, for example weekly or monthly, you can set up a recurring entry.

Save the payment first. Then open the saved payment and then choose Make recurring.

Choose how often you want it to repeat.  A new payment creates on the repeat date.

Read about recurring bank entries.