Send your first invoice

Sales invoices are records to help you keep track of what your customers buy from you, how much they owe and when payment is due.

The invoices you create are saved in Accounting Start and can be emailed or printed and posted to your customers.

Create your sales invoice

  1. Go to Sales and click New Invoice. Enter customer details, the date the invoice was created and is due for payment.
  2. On the first line, enter a description of the sale and select the ledger account to which you want to post the sale.
  3. Enter the total amount of the item.
  4. If necessary, complete additional lines for other items sold and then save the invoice.

You’ve successfully entered your first invoice. You can now email, print, or share the invoice. For more information about these options, see the section below.

Save, email and print your invoice

Once you've created your invoice, you need to make sure it's saved in Accounting Start, and that your customer gets a copy.

At the bottom of the invoice you have some options:

Save Saves and closes the invoice.
Save as Draft

Click to save it as a draft invoice. Draft invoices don’t update your accounts until you convert them.

Save & New Saves and closes this invoice, then opens a new invoice.

Once you've saved your invoice, it appears on the customer’s activity view.

What's next

Tracking invoices