Record expenses and payments out

Now you've set up your bank accounts, you're ready to start recording your payments and expenses. This can be:

  • Payments to suppliers.
  • One-off purchases where you don't want to create a supplier record.
  • Other payments or expenses where you just want a record of the money paid out.

There are a few ways to enter a payment in Accounting Start:

  • Click Add on the Money Out tile on the Summary page.
  • Go to Banking, open the appropriate account, and then click New, Money Out.
  • Go to Cashbook, and then click New Entry, Money Out or
    • Click the tab for the appropriate bank account, and then click New Entry, Money Out.

Pay a supplier invoice

  1. Select the supplier you want to pay.
  2. Choose the bank account to make the payment from and enter the details such as Method, Date and Reference. Including a reference is useful as it helps you to trace the payment later.
  3. Enter the amount you want to pay in the Amount Paid field.
  4. Select the category you want to post it to in the Category field and enter a description for each item. Be sure that the line items equal the total in the Amount Paid field and then save it.