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If you need to record a receipt or income into your bank account, you can record this using the Money In option. If you need to record a payment or expenses, you can record this using the Money Out option.

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To record money in

  1. Go to Banking, then click the required bank account.
  1. Click New Entry. Then from the drop-down list, click Money In.
  1. Check or enter the following information:
Contact (optional) If you want to record this receipt against a particular contact, enter the name here.

If it’s a new contact, click Add a contact. Complete the relevant details, then click Save.

When you choose a contact, if they have an outstanding invoice, a link appears. If this receipt is for an invoice you’ve issued, click the link then click the invoice you want to pay. You can then record the payment against the invoice.
Paid into Bank Account Check the correct bank account appears. If you need to change this, select the correct account from the drop-down list.
Method Click the required payment method.
Date Received Enter the date the money was received.
Reference (optional) If required, enter a reference for this receipt.
Amount Received * Enter the total amount of the receipt.
Balance The current bank balance for the selected bank account is displayed here.
Category The default category appears. If required, you can change this.
Details If required you can enter more details about the sale, such as what item was purchased.
VAT Rate * Select the correct VAT rate for this transaction. The VAT is included in the total value and the appropriate VAT breakdown appears on your VAT return.
Total This defaults to the value you entered in Amount Received. You can change this if required.
  1. If the receipt was for several items of different values relating to categories, or have different VAT rates, you can enter them on separate lines.

The total of all entries must match the value entered in Amount Received before you can save it. If you enter multiple lines, the transaction still appears on the bank activity as one receipt but as individual transactions on the relevant categories.

  1. If you want to attach a file, for example, a copy of a receipt or an invoice, click the Attachment button then click Upload to upload files then browse to and double-click the file. Find out more about attachments
  2. Click Save or, to add another receipt, click the Save drop-down list then click Add Another and repeat from step 2.

You’ve successfully recorded the receipt. If this is a receipt you receive regularly, for example, once a week or once a month, you can now record this as a recurring receipt.

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