Get your Government Gateway credentials

Before you submit any information to HMRC you must register for a Government Gateway account and enrol for the PAYE for Employers service. If you already have an account, you should check it’s still active. If you’re not registered, or if your status is inactive, HMRC will reject your submissions.

Entering your Government Gateway Credentials in Payroll

You are asked to enter your Government Gateway Credentials after selecting Complete Payrun for the first time.

If you select Store Password for future submissions these details are stored in the system and you won't be prompted to enter them again for subsequent pay runs.

For security reasons, you won't be able to access the details of your User ID and Password from within the product, but there are links on the GOV.UK website sign in page to help you recover them if you need to.

Once you have signed up with government gateway and entered your company details into Payroll, you can submit the following forms directly from Payroll.

Full payment submission (FPS)
Employer payment summary (EPS)
Final employer payment summary (EPS)
Earlier year update (EYU)

You must ensure that the company name and address, PAYE number and Accounts Office reference match in both your HMRC and Payroll services. This will help to avoid any submission errors.

Register for an account with HMRC

  1. Visit
  2. Click Create sign in details and follow the on screen prompts to create an account. If you have any issues with this process, please check HMRC’s technical support page.

Once you’ve registered, HMRC will send you an activation code. This can take up to seven days and you must activate it within 28 days. If you don’t, you’ll need to register again. Once you’ve activated your account, you can submit online.

Check your account with HMRC

  1. Visit
  2. Enter your user ID and password, then click Log in.
  3. Click Manage Services and make sure you’re registered for the PAYE for Employers service.
  4. Check your tax office number and reference are correct and your status is active.

Enter your PAYE reference details

To ensure you make submissions to HMRC, your PAYE reference and Accounts office must be entered correctly in Payroll.

  1. Go to Settings, then click Payroll Settings.
  2. Review or edit the following information:
PAYE reference Your employer PAYE reference is issued by HMRC when you register for PAYE for Employers.
Accounts Office reference This is your 13 character reference number supplied by HMRC. You can find it on your P30BC payslip booklet or P30B letter (paying PAYE electronically).
HMRC reporting frequency Choose whether you pay HMRC monthly or quarterly, as appropriate. If you’re unsure, please contact HMRC’s payment enquiry helpline.
HMRC payment method Choose whether you pay HMRC by cheque or bank transfer.
  1. Click Save.

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