Pension reporting

You can use the Employee Pension Contributions report to see detailed contribution values for a specific pay period for each pension scheme.

If your pension provider is NEST, you can send online submissions directly from Payroll to NEST.

If you don’t have a NEST pension scheme, you can use the information from the pension report to help you manually complete your pension provider’s online templates to upload the correct values. You will not be able to download a CSV file from payroll for this purpose.

To view the pension contributions report per pay run

This report shows each employee processed in the relevant pay run. It includes their automatic enrolment status, pensionable pay, qualifying earnings and both employer and employee pension contributions for that pay run.

To view the report after you complete a pay run
  1. Go to Pay Runs, then click the relevant completed pay run.
  2. Under Pension submissions, click the View pension contributions for this pay period link.
  3. To print the report, click Download Report.

You can also view the information for a whole pension reference period, within the Pensions tab by selecting Review contributions & record payments, then choose the required period and click View detailed contributions.

To view and record your payments to your pension provider

Before using this option, you need to have completed all processing within the pension reference period, which is normally the tax month.

  1. Go to Pensions.
  2. For the plan you want to see information for, click Review contributions & record payments.
  3. Choose the pension reference period you want to record your payment for, then click View detailed contributions.
  4. If required, amend the amount to pay, then enter your payment date and a reference or cheque number.
  5. Click Record Payment.

If you also subscribe to Accounting, the Record Payment process posts the payment across to reduce your company bank account and pensions liability.

To view the year to date pension contributions

After you complete a pay run and a pension deduction is processed, you can view the pension contributions to date.

This report shows pension contribution year to date values, up to and including the current pay run.

  1. Go to Pensions, then under Reports click View pension contributions to date.
  2. If required, to download the report, click Download Report.

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