What's new

November 2022

Client record visual updates

We've refreshed the client record screen. When you next open a client, you'll see the following changes.

Client folder when viewing a client

With a client open, you'll notice we've removed the navigation panel which used to list the other clients in the current folder.

We've replaced this with a navigation sidebar. Open this by selecting the client folder button, then select View to switch to another client.

Client folder button in client record

Navigation sidebar in client record


Tags are a way to group and organise clients within Sage for Accountants.

We've moved the option to add tags to the top of the client record.

Add tags to this client button

Find out how to add tags to your clients


We've moved the Subscriptions tile to the top of the right-hand column to give you quicker access to your client's subscriptions.

Subscriptions tile of the client record

Find out how to add subscriptions to your clients

Client actions

We've moved some options to the Client actions menu in the client record.

  • Move to another folder

  • Delete client

Client actions menu of the client record

October 2022

Contacts list

To make it easier to find your contacts in one place, we've introduced a Contacts list. This is the perfect complement to the clients list you're already familiar with.

You can add and view contacts from the list, and use simple searching to find them in a longer list.

Contacts can now also be added to clients through relationships which gives you quick access between clients and their related contacts.

The contacts list

Find out about the Contacts list

Find out how to add a contact relationship to a client

Convert a contact to a client

To accompany the new contacts list, we've made it easier to convert a contact into a client. You'll need to do this if you want to add subscriptions like Sage Accounting to them.

Find out how to convert a contact into a client

Internal code / reference

We've added an Internal code / reference field to your clients.

You'll see this on the client list and when you select a client to work on as part of the Basic details section.

To fill this in for an existing client, select the client on the client list, then choose Edit details.

Internal code field

Move clients between folders

You can now move organisations and individuals from one client folder to another.

To start the process, select the client to move on the client list, then choose Move client to another folder.

The client record is open showing the Move client to another folder button

Find out how to move clients between folders

Relationships in Client Management

Create connections between clients, inferring relationships & hierarchies between them. This will help you find related contacts and clients easily.

Find out more about relationships

Activity log

This tool gives you an audit trail of changes made by people in your practice – whether that’s updating document statuses, deleting old or redundant data, and more.

Find out more about the activity log

August 2022

Mention colleagues in comments

You can notify other users in your practice by typing an @ before their name when writing a comment.

The user who has been mentioned in this way, will receive a notification that will take them directly to the comment.

This is a great way to keep your colleagues updated on the work you're doing for your clients.

Colleague being notified in comment using the @ symbol

Find out more about adding comments

July 2022

Give feedback

Give us feedback on what you like and dislike about your experience within Client Management, all your feedback helps improve our product for you.

Manage user roles

Now you can create a new role, copy a template of a previous role and its permissions, and view those assigned roles within your practice.

Find out more about managing user roles

April 2022

Add client

When adding a client, a client folder is automatically added for you based on the name of the client you're adding. You can change this later.

This will help speed up the process of creating clients.

Find out more about adding clients

March 2022

Tags are a way to group and organise clients within Sage for Accountants.

For example, you could create a tag for late payers and assign it to a selection of clients. You’d be able to see on the client list a visual indicator of your late paying clients.

Find out more about tags

November 2021

The Add client button now replaces New folder. This makes it clearer to our users what the action will be (i.e. you're about to create a client, rather than add a folder with the client's details).

Find out more about the Add client feature

Removed table fields

We removed the Internal ref, Type, Phone and Email fields and replaced them with just Client folder, and Subscriptions. This should make it easier to scan through whilst still having the option to filter by these criteria when searching.

October 2021

Hide clients

We added a new feature to the Client list, Hide client. This feature allows you to edit what clients are visible. This does not delete the client's data.

This feature will help if you have too many clients showing or want to hide a client you don't currently need.

Find out more about the Hide client feature


Delete folder

The 12th October update brought the updated delete feature of Deleting folders.

Being able to delete a folder gives you the option to delete larger amounts of data in a single step. You can't delete a folder with clients with active subscriptions.

Find out more about the Delete folder update