Introduction to Sage Final Accounts

With Sage Final Accounts, you can prepare final accounts for your clients using just your Internet browser.

The software is incredibly simple to learn and use. Just enter a trial balance, journals, and other data to see an instant preview. Click in any section of the preview to see how balances have been built up or easily jump to the appropriate area to let you make a change.

When you need to have a document to show clients, it’s a simple click to export the set of accounts as a PDF file.

To get started with Final Accounts

  1. Open a client from your client list.
  2. Create a set of accounts.
  3. Enter an initial trial balance. Inputting your client’s trial balance is fundamental to Final Accounts. If your client is a Sage Accounting customer, you can populate a trial balance from Sage Business Cloud Accounting.
  4. Enter an initial comparative trial balance.
  5. Enter any necessary journals.
  6. Review the Data tab and complete any missing information
  7. Check out the accounts preview. You can do this whenever you like. It will always show the most recent position for your client. There’s no recompiling of reports to be done. You can click on items directly on the accounts preview to see where that figure or piece of information has come from.
  8. Tweak any wording you think is necessary. Accounting policies and notes contain default text but it’s simple to change them.
  9. Export the accounts preview to a PDF to show to your client.
  10. Enter a signing date.

To demonstrate the kind of output you can expect, we’ve included some sample accounts for you to take a look at:

To get around Final Accounts

Once you’ve opened a client from the client list, you’re looking at the Client Summary. You can edit your client’s details here and launch Final Accounts from the Final accounts section.

Once you’re in Final Accounts, you have three tabs to get around:

To get back to the Client Summary click the client’s name at the top of the screen.

If you use the back button on your browser to move around, you might be viewing a cached version of a page. If you’re not sure if the page you’re looking at is cached, click the browser refresh button. Alternatively, move around by using the navigation that’s built into Sage Final Accounts.

Use the search box to find words or values on a page.

There’s lots more help to look at. Many windows in Final Accounts have help links to take you directly to a help topic. But, there’s more in the help system so try searching for a topic if you need help. If you can’t find what you need, click Request a new article and let us know what you needed.

If this article hasn’t answered your question, please consider searching the help or contacting us.