Final Accounts Videos

There are many videos that can help you get to grips with Sage Final Accounts. You can find these within the relevant help topics, however we’re presenting them here all in one place for convenience.


– This short video will help you get started producing a set of final accounts using Sage Final Accounts

Create and manage sets of accounts – Sets of accounts are the basic container for the work you’ll be undertaking for your clients. Each set of accounts represents an accounting period and contains the trial balance and the other data necessary to produce final accounts.

Enter and manage initial trial balance – The initial trial balance is the starting point for a set of accounts in Sage Final Accounts.

Populate a trial balance from Sage Accounting – If your client is a Sage Accounting customer, you’ll have the option to populate an initial trial balance from their Sage Accounting information.

Enter and manage comparative trial balances – In this video, you’ll learn how to enter your comparative trial balance.

Create and manage journals – In this video you’ll learn how to create journals, and change or delete journals you’ve already entered.

Prior Year Adjustments – In this video you’ll learn how to enter prior period adjustments in Sage Final Accounts.

Enter or manage data – In this video, you’ll learn how to make changes to a set of accounts that doesn’t involve nominal data.

The accountant’s report – In this video you’ll learn how to make some common changes to the accountant’s report.

Manage Accounts Preview Content (includes enter and manage note wording) – To help you tailor the set of accounts, you’re able to make some changes to the accounts preview. It’s possible to add your own text to many existing notes, or to make changes to some of the default wording.

Chart of accounts / Create and manage nominal accounts – The chart of accounts shows the nominal accounts available in this set of accounts. Changes you make to the nominal accounts are contained within a set of accounts and do not affect other sets. If you make changes to the chart of accounts, you’ll see those changes in all sets of accounts that are based on this one.

Updates – In this video you’ll learn how changing the main client details from the client summary screen can update a set of accounts you’ve already started working on.

iXBRL tagging – In this video you’ll learn how you can prepare an iXBRL file in Sage Final Accounts for filing online.

Manual iXBRL tagging – In this video you’ll learn how you can manually add iXBRL tags to certain notes for filing online.

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