Change financial year end date

This explains how to change your financial year end. You might need to do this if you entered your end date incorrectly or your financial year has changed. you can change your year end date at any time.

For details on how to move from one financial year to the next, see Financial year end

  1. From Settings, then Business Settings, choose Accounting Dates & VAT.
  2. Select the last day of your new financial year in the Year End Date field.
  3. Click Save at the bottom of the page.

Your financial year end has now changed and will be reflected on your financial reports.

Tip: You do not need to change the Accounts Start Date, this is only used to configure the period when you first started using Sage Business Cloud.

Lock the previous financial year

Enter a lockdown date if you want to prevent transactions being accidentally entered for the previous year.

For example, if your financial year ends on 31 December, enter 31 December as the Year End Lockdown date. New transactions can then only be entered from 1 January onwards.

If you have transactions that need to be entered for your previous year, simply remove the Year End Lockdown date.