To edit an existing contact

From time to time you may need to edit your customer and supplier records in Accounting.

  1. Do one of the following:
  • To open the Contacts page, which lists both customers and suppliers, click Contacts.
  • To view your customers, point to Contacts then click Customers.
  • To view your suppliers, point to Contacts then click Suppliers.
  1. Click on the relevant contact to open its record.
  2. Amend the contact’s details as required.
  3. To amend an address or contact, click the Contacts and Addresses tab then amend the relevant information.

When entering the address, you can choose from different address types. For example, you might have one address for where items are delivered to and a different address for where you send statements to.

If you choose the address type Delivery, the delivery address automatically appears on the invoice. You can enter as many address types as you need to. By default, the main address prints on documents and the main contact is included on emails.

Contacts are linked to their addresses. If you delete an address, any contacts associated with that address are also deleted.
  1. To add another contact for this address, click New Contact then enter the relevant information.

If you want to include this contact on emails, select the Copy emails to this person check box.

To save the details you’ve entered, click Save.

  1. To add an additional address, click Add Address, enter the relevant information then click Save.
  2. To change the default address or contact, click the Set main address or Set main contact option for the relevant address or contact.
  3. If the contact is a customer, click the Options tab, then check the Statement Runs section is correct.

By default, the method used to send all customer statements is set to By post (PDF Generated), but you can edit this if required. For example, you can specify that this customer’s statements should be sent by email. You can also edit the contact and address that appears on the statements.

To change any of the details, click the edit button and complete one of the following options:

  • If you want to send statements to this customer, make the necessary changes then click Save.
  • If you don’t want to send statements to this customer, clear the Send Statements check box then click Save.
Any changes that you make to the customer contact or address for the batch run automatically update for all other statements. If you cleared the Send Statements check box for this customer, they won’t be included in your batch statement run.