Add a customer or supplier contact

  • Add customers and suppliers to save time when creating transactions.
  • Save details about the people or businesses that you regularly do business with.
  • Keep track of who owes you money and to whom you owe money.
If you already have a contact list saved to a comma separated value (CSV) file, you can import it.

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Understanding VAT contacts

If you indicated that your business is VAT registered on sign up, there will already be two contacts on the list. You'll use the HMRC Reclaimed customer contact when you reclaim VAT and the HMRC Payments supplier contact when you make VAT payments. You can change the reference for these contacts but you cannot rename or delete them.

Enter the contact's details

  1. On the main navigation bar, select Contacts. To show only customers or suppliers select Contacts, Customers or Contacts, Suppliers.
  2. Select New Customer or New Supplier.
  3. Enter the person's name or the business name in the Business Name field. For a business, enter the business name here and then the name of the primary contact person in the Contact Name field.
  4. Enter the rest of the contact's details. If your contact has an account number, enter it in the Reference field.
  5. Enter the contact's address and if they are VAT registered, their VAT number on the Account Details tab. If it's a supplier, select This supplier is an import agent if you need to pay import VAT and duty for the supplier.

If you're adding a customer who has a different delivery address, enter it on the Delivery Address tab.

Select a default ledger account

Ledger accounts are used to categorise your transactions. On sales invoices, you must select one on each line to show where the money is coming from. This ensures that you accurately report your income.

By default, 4900-Other Income is selected on new sales transaction lines. You can change this manually or change the default account setting. This saves you the time of manually changing invoice lines. To set:

  • The same default sales ledger account for all contacts, go to Record and Transactions settings.
  • Specific ledger accounts for individual contacts, select the ledger account in the Account Default field on the Account Details tab.

Enter payment details, a price default, and notes

  1. Select the Payments Details tab. If it's a customer, you can set a credit limit for them. By default, the payment term is set to 30 days, though you can change it globally in Record and Transactions settings. If this contact has a unique payment term, you can set it here.
  2. Optionally, enter the contact's bank details. This information is for internal use only. It won't show on any sales or purchase documents.
  3. For customer contacts, select the Defaults tab. Select the product price you want this contact to get by default when you create an invoice. For example, a sale, trade, or wholesale price. You set these prices when you add products and services.
  4. If you've enabled foreign currency transactions, choose the appropriate currency for the contact.
  5. Select the Notes tab. Enter any additional information about this contact. This information is for internal use only. It won't show on any sales or purchase documents.
  6. If you've created analysis groups, select the Analysis tab. Select the group to which you want to assign the contact.
  7. Click Save.

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