Show or hide a nominal ledger account

  • Nominal ledger accounts cannot be deleted but can be edited.
  • Choose the areas where specific nominal ledger accounts are visible.
  • Exclude unused accounts from your chart of accounts.

Including (or excluding) a ledger account

While you can't delete nominal ledger accounts, excluding them from the chart of accounts removes them from selection lists when creating transactions.


Control accounts (indicated with an asterisk) cannot be edited or excluded from the chart of accounts.

  1. Click Settings, Chart of Accounts.
  2. Click on the relevant ledger account.
  3. Clear the Included in Chart check box.
  4. Click Save.

Setting visibility

If you can't see a ledger account in different areas it may be because of the visibility setting. Conversely, if you are seeing account you don't want shown in an area, check the visibility setting.

  1. Go to Settings, Chart of Accounts.
  2. Click the nominal ledger account you want to check.
  3. Select (or unselect) the relevant areas in the Visibility section.
  4. Click Save.