Enter payments with no invoice (Other Payment)

Enter an Other Payment when you need to record a:

  • Purchase where you don't have an invoice from a supplier.
  • Miscellaneous expense paid from your bank account.
  • Record an expense directly to a ledger account.
  • Payment to non-regular suppliers or customers.
  • Cash withdrawal.
  • One-time only payment, such as a donation to charity.

If you need to record a receipt or income, use the Sale/Receipt option.

To record an Other Payment

  1. Go to Banking, then click the relevant bank account.
  2. Click New Entry, then click Purchase / Payment.
  3. Click the Other Payment tab, then check or enter the following information:
Supplier (optional) If you want to record this payment against a particular supplier record, enter the name here.

If it’s a new supplier, click into the Search for a Supplier box, then click Add a supplier and complete the relevant details.
Paid from Bank Account * Check the correct bank account appears. If you need to change this, choose the relevant account.

Note: The current balance for the selected bank account displayed below this box.
Method * Click the required payment method.
Date Paid * Enter the date of the payment.
Reference (optional) If required, enter a reference for this payment.
Amount Paid * Enter the total amount of the payment.
Ledger Account The default purchase ledger account appears. If required, you can change this.
Details If required you can enter more details about the purchase, such as what the item you purchased was.
VAT Rate Select the correct VAT rate for this transaction. The VAT is included in the total value and the appropriate VAT breakdown appears on your VAT Return.
VAT Amount Based on the VAT rate entered, this amount automatically calculates.

Note: If you edit the VAT Amount on a particular line, the Net and Total values for this line automatically recalculate. However, the Amount Paid doesn’t update, so you’ll need to adjust this to match the total of all entry lines before saving the payment.
Total This defaults to the value you entered in Amount Paid. You can amend this if required.

* These details are compulsory.

  1. If the payment was for several items of different values relating to different nominal ledger accounts, or have different VAT rates, enter these on separate lines.

The total of all entries, must match the value entered in Amount Paid before you can save the payment. If you enter multiple lines, the transaction still appears on the bank activity as one payment but as individual transactions on the relevant nominal ledger accounts.

For example, if you purchased both stationery and refreshments for the office at the same store, you might want to break these costs down using a different line for each ledger account but not show them as separate transactions on your bank record.

  1. Click Save, or to add another payment:
  • Click on the Save arrow, then click Add Another and repeat steps 3 to 5.

If this is a payment you make regularly, for example once a week or once a month, you set it as a recurring entry.

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