Unallocate transactions

How to unallcoate payments and credit notes from invoices. You may need to do this to

  • Edit or delete (void) an invoice to which you have allocated a payment or credit note.

  • The payment or receipt has been incorrectly allocated.

How this works

Unallocating a transaction just means that you remove the link between an invoice and the payment. You may want to do this if you have matched a payment to the wrong invoice, or when you need to edit or delete the invoice.

Once unallocated

  • We update the invoice and show it as unpaid.

  • We save the payment as a payment on account so you can match to another invoice.

  • The balance of your customer or supplier account remains the same.

  • The balance of your bank account is not affected.

Unallocate sales transactions

Unallocate sales transactions

Unallocate purchase transactions

Unallocate purchase transactions