Correct transactions

Using Sage Business Cloud Accounting, it’s easy to change the ledger account or analysis type using the Correct Transactions feature.

To save time, you can edit multiple transactions at once, rather than amending each transaction individually.

Access Correct Transactions

To use the Correct Transactions option, you must have the correct access rights.

  1. From the Adjustment drop-down, click Correct Transactions.
  2. Click Make Correction.

Click Make Correction

To find the transactions you need to correct, you must search using at least one of the following details:

  • Amount
  • Contact
  • Created By
  • Date
  • Ledger Account
  • Transaction Type
  • Analysis types, if applicable

For example, if you create a purchase invoice but use the incorrect ledger account of 5000 instead of 5010, you would use the Ledger Account and Transaction Type fields to narrow your search.

Once you have entered your search criteria click Search, you can then select the transactions you want to correct and click Next.

Correct your transactions

  1. Choose the relevant option from the Change to… drop-down.
  2. If required, enter the reason for changing the item.
  3. Click Review, then click Update.

It may not be possible to correct certain transactions. For example, certain transaction types, or certain ledger accounts. Read more

View corrections summary

You can also view a summary of transactions you’ve previously corrected. Read more

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