Record payment of a sales invoice

When your customer pays their invoice, apply the payment to it to update the status from Outstanding to Paid.

Note: You can also record a payment to an invoice from the customer receipt option. This option is particularly useful if the customer sends one payment which covers multiple invoices. You can allocate the payment to more than one invoice at the same time. If they overpay, you can also record the remainder as a payment on account.

To record a payment:

  1. Go to Sales, and then click Sales Invoices.
  2. Click the invoice for which you want to record a payment.
  3. Click Take Card Payment (if you are using Stripe)/Turn on Card Payments (if you are not using Stripe but want to start) or Record Payment and enter the following information:
  4. Note:

    If you click Turn on Card Payments, the Stripe - Card Payments page will open, where you can set up a Stripe account.

    Amount Received *

    Enter the amount your customer has paid towards this invoice.


    If a discount was given, enter the amount.

    Exchange Rate

    Displays the live exchange rate, if you enabled foreign currency transactions.

    Payment Date

    Enter the date of the payment.


    Paid into *

    Choose the bank account you want to pay the money into.

    Method * 

    Specify the payment method.

    Your Reference (optional)

    Enter a reference or the check number for the payment.

    Currency Charges

    If you charge a fee for currency transactions, enter it in this field.


    * Indicates a required field.

  5. Click Save.

The amount paid appears on the invoice, and if the customer hasn't paid the full amount, the remaining amount appears next to Amount Outstanding. To view the customer account and the transactions associated with it, click the value next to Amount Paid.