About the Contacts list

The Contacts list displays all your contacts.

From here, you can:

Contact Details

View and edit contact information, including contact type, business name, language, and currency.


Specify default settings for new invoices and credit notes for the contact, including ledger account and tax rate.

Bank Details

Specify banking information for the contact and add notes if needed.

Payment Terms

Set credit limits and specify details for payment terms for the contact.


If you use analysis types, specify analysis types for the contact.

Activity tab

Review an overview of contact activity, including:

  • The main contact details.
  • Total sales or expenses to date.
  • The date of the last sale or purchase and receipt or payment.
  • Details of the total outstanding and overdue balances for the contact.
  • The date of the oldest invoice and credit days.

The transaction activity section shows details of the transactions that you enter for the contact. You can:

  • Search for transactions by reference or value.
  • View transactions between specific dates using the from and to dates.
  • View certain transaction types from the Filter menu.
  • View or edit details of transactions and account allocations. To do this, click the relevant entry.

You can also use the action toolbar to print, email, or export the transaction list.

Addresses tab

If necessary, you can edit the main address and contact details. You can also enter multiple addresses (for example, you may want to enter a delivery address and a head office address). You can create more than one contact for each address.


Contacts are linked to an address, so if you delete the address, you will also delete the contacts attached to it.

To edit addresses and contacts, click the Addresses tab and then do one of the following:

  • To add a new address, click Add Address.
  • To add a new contact, select the relevant address and then click Add Contact.
  • To change the main address, select the relevant address and select the Main Address check box.
  • To change the main address contact, select the relevant address, select the contact you want to be the main contact, and then select the Main Contact check box.
  • To delete an address or contact, select the address or contact and then click Delete.

You cannot delete the main address or contact. If you need to do this, create the new address or address contact first, set it as the main address or contact, and then delete the original.