Split a bank transaction

Before you create a transaction using bank feeds or import statement, you can split a single statement line over multiple ledger accounts. For example, if a credit card payment at a gas station covers fuel and food, the single statement line can be split over different ledger accounts.

If you use analysis types, you can select different analysis categories for your departments, cost centres, and projects. You can also specify different tax rates if necessary.

  • You can split other payment or receipt transactions, but not payment on account transactions.
  • You cannot split transactions across different customers and vendors.

To use the split transaction option

  1. Download or import your bank statement.
  2. Click the Split Transaction option next to the relevant transaction.
  3. Enter the following details:
Description If required, enter a description.
What From the drop-down menu, select the relevant ledger account.
Department / Cost centre / Project If you use transaction analysis types, select the relevant category.

If you haven't set up analysis types, these options don't appear.
Tax rate Select the relevant tax rate.

If you haven't set up tax rates, this option doesn't appear.
Total Enter the amount.
  1. Enter details as above for each separate line.

    The cumulative value of the separate lines must equal the statement line value and the difference should be zero.


    If for some reason you don't want to create the split transaction at this stage, click Cancel Split.

  2. Click Create. The transaction is created.