Set up AutoEntry

AutoEntry is an intelligent, cloud-based solution which eliminates data entry, so you never have to spend time manually entering invoices or receipts again. Create transactions directly in your Accounting software from scanned and photographed paper documents.

If you're new to AutoEntry, the following procedure will get you up and running in no time.

  1. Find your AutoEntry settings by selecting Settings from the menu.

    Screenshot of Settings option highlighted

  2. From the Connect section, select AutoEntry.

    Screenshot of Settings page

  3. Select Go to AutoEntry.

    Screenshot of the AutoEntry settings page in Accounting

  4. Complete the form, then select Continue to create an account with AutoEntry.

    Screenshot of AutoEntry sign up screen

  5. Enter your email address and choose a password.

    Screenshot of create login details

  6. You'll be taken through the setup process. Select Continue to start.

    Screenshot of AutoEntry setup 1

  7. If you have multiple companies, choose the companies you want to use with AutoEntry.

  8. Select Continue.The companies will import into AutoEntry.

  9. When all companies are created and integrated, select Continue.

  10. Select Get Started to go to AutoEntry.

  11. You'll see your integrated companies in the AutoEntrycompany list. You're now ready to upload documents.

    Screenshot of client list in AutoEntry

To add multiple companies again, from the AutoEntrycompany list, select Add Company, then select the Add companies from Sage tab.

What's next?

The AutoEntry help centre is full of great content to help you understand the service.

For starters, take a look at this topic:Uploading Documents to AutoEntry